The only truly affordable and portable Robot Assisted Minimally invasive surgical system

Designed by Surgeons, Engineers and People who care for a better world

Articulus for Surgeons

Greater Dexterity

Seven Degree of freedom tool tips for state-of-the-art dexterity during surgery

Greater Precision

Tremor reduction and motion reduction to enable very precise surgery

Strain Free Surgery

Perform longer and complicated procedure with comfort

Faster Learning

Faster to learn, easier to master comparted to other solutions

Patient care and Better surgical outcome, at the heart of what we do

Articulus for Patients

Lower Blood Loss

Lesser blood loss and complications during surgery compared to traditional surgery

Lesser Post Surgical pain

Reduced pain after the surgery and much safer procedures

Minimal Surgical Scars

Almost invisible scars after the surgery compared to traditional methods

Faster Recovery

Shorter hospital stay and faster recovery after the surgery

A surgical robotic system for every Hospital and clinic

Articulus for Hospitals

Truly Affordable

State of the art surgical robotics at 25% capital cost

Higher Throughput

Enables faster surgeries and hence much higher throughput

For Hospitals of all size

The most compact surgical robot that fits into operating rooms of all sizes

True Portability

Move the system around as easily as Laparoscopic surgical tools

Training and preparing for the Future of Surgery

Articulus for Academia

Up skilled Training

Engage surgical trainees in learning what matters

Faster Learning

Train robotic surgeons faster with better system utilization

Early Training Simulators

Independent and affordable surgical simulators to train surgeons early

Future Proof Training

Train your surgeons for the future of surgery